TriplexTwo - Post 7 - Was there a fire?

We've really been motoring through the renovation these days. There are pretty much 3 people there each day working hard towards demolition and space planning.

Back when we bought the house, we noticed a pretty gaping hole in the ceiling of the ground floor bathroom - by the kitchen. It certainly looked like a plumbing issue was being looked at and that's why the ceiling was taken down. That may or may not have been true. Though that hole gives us a glimpse into what's between the ceiling of the ground floor and what's below the floor of the level above.

That glimpse shows us that there was definitely a FIRE in that area. And it was concealed. Have a look for yourselves at the progress in this video.

Still we're in great shape. We are doing renovations anyways so it's not as though it's a complete loss. We spoke with a lawyer who said that this looks like this was fraudulent misrepresentation. Could we sue? Yes. Should we sue? Probably. We're not those kind of people, though. We'll see what some more research will uncover.


We've found that we have some roofing repairs to make. Little surprise, but also, not really. The roof above the back extension is the one most needing repairs. And honestly, that whole extension is kinda crappy anyways, so we're all for making that more solid.


All in all, we're approaching the end of November, and we're getting less into demolition and way more into construction. So, yes, we are turning the corner!