TriplexTwo - Post 8 - More Gas

Back on the whole gas meter stuff (yes, I know it's not very exciting, but not it's not all fun!) -- I'm kind of getting the run around from the Giant Gas Co on this whole thing. Just means I need to call them again, and probably again. We have 3 gas meters in the house. When we bought the house, I loved it. We were one step closer to having 3 entirely separately contained (and metered) apartments. Most of the stuff I see isn't like that. I'm fine to have 1 meter for the house, it just is easier for future tenants to have their very own separate bills for utilities.

We inspected the gas meters, and found that really - there's one "main" one that is giving us all the gas needed to heat the whole house and give the whole house hot water. The other 2 meters were just giving gas for a stove in each apartment. The account fees are awful for each meter, so we made the executive decision to make this fairer and use the one single meter going forward.

As that's happening, we see that Giant Gas Co has put a block on the gas line outside. I've been paying for a few months of gas, only to realize now that there is NO GAS EVEN GOING TO THE HOUSE!! So, I'll deal with that today.

Onto funner things now. ->

Remember the "pee room"? We opened that up (so its way more open concept), opened up the plaster covering the gorgeous brick wall that it faces, and are starting to insulate the walls so it's warmer in there. Well, there was one thing about that room that bothered me.

Before we tore down the walls in there, one of the walls essentially created a hallway closer to the stairs. The hallway was narrow, really narrow. To the point where we would probably have limited our tenant pool by a margin to not allow anyone anywhere near 200 pounds. I could barely fit through, and I wouldn't say I'm large at all. Moving furniture? Now that would be tough. 

So by opening up that wall, we removed that hallway and made it all open concept. Except --> there's this one corner right at the end of the staircase that was like a bottleneck. It maintained that narrow space. I didn't want it. So I asked Rob to kindly remove that wall (which was a weird closet anyways) and open the whole thing up. 


You know what? He did it! :)