TriplexTwo - Post 3 - Renovations

Didn't take long to get started on this one! The week after we got the keys, the dumpster was in the front yard and we were ready to tear everything apart!


Our beautiful dumpster

It holds garbage, and dreams. In one safe place.

First part of renovation is demolition. We need to remove what's there, in order to put in what's new. We're taking down walls, we're taking out some ceilings, some floors -- tons of really bad appliances and planning a space re-arrangement.

There's also this wall of brick in the top floor kitchen. It's glorious. And it makes me want/need to see if we can expose more brick on the wall BEFORE the kitchen as well. The more brick the merrier, right?! Isn't that the expression? ;)

BRICK! In the upper kitchen

There's also this one room - we call it the pee room. Clearly, someone or some "thing" definitely used this room to go to when a "number 1" was in order. If a human being did this in here, it's inexcusable. The bathroom is right next to this room! If it was an animal (or an alien), I get it. It isn't their fault. Still... it absolutely stinks and it's gross. And the floor needs to get out of this house too.

Pee Room

It's smellier than it looks.

Not much more to discuss, but I will leave you all with some photos of the progress so you can see where we're headed. You'll notice we found a way to open up an entire wall on the ground floor and found all of this luscious brick! We'll be leaving that in the kitchen when we recreate that.