TriplexTwo - Post 4 - Trenches

Went and paid the guys a visit at the house the other day. Here's a quick update based on the actual units. 


The basement is thankfully and mercifully destroyed. Who knows how many sins were committed down there? But they're almost all erased. Whatever existed has been taken away. 🙏

We had a choice to make when we destroyed this level: do we replace the drain running under the floor, or trust that the old clay drain was going to hold up and not ruin our eventual tenant's finishings? We chose to run a completely new waste line. It's the right thing to do!! So we had to ask the crew to dig up these lovely trenches. In those trenches - eventually we'll drop a brand new waste line that will be made of future-proof material and set this house up for the next 100 years. 


Main floor: 

There were too many walls in this space. The entrance to the main floor suite is from the back. When you walked in you were faced with a couple of doors, more walls.. it didn't feel very welcoming or comfortable. So we changed that. Kaboom. Good-by walls.  

The best surprise of the project to this point -- we opened up the plaster wall attached to the neighbouring house and discovered brick. Glorious, glorious brick.  

The worst surprise of the project to this point was also discovered a few feet from that brick wall. Some owner at some point decided it might be a wonderful idea to disrupt the integrity of the entire friggin structure to make way for a pipe to fit in the bathroom. The floor honestly could have easily given way and imploded into the basement. 😳


Well we see that now, and we will fix that you nicely with some extra strong support. It's definitely a criminal move to leave it like that. Idiots that left it that way. Absurd. 

Top floor: 

Not much demo has happened here yet. The crew is working from the lower floors up.  

All in all, we are so happy with the progress. So far so good! Up next: more demolition. More brick.