TriplexTwo - Post 9 - Roofing and Kitchens

Got the call the other day from Rob at Prolific Work (he’s managing this whole project for us). Few things we had to address. We knew that there were some roofing issues. There was water literally pouring into the house at the back, all because of a failing roof. We called in one of the bigger roofing shops to come in and assess. They said we needed a few new roofs for the home. Grand total of $12,000. We needed another quote to make sure this was reasonable. Our next recommended roofer came back and said the roof was not in bad shape, though it did need some tune-ups. For $1,000-1,500. Which sounded WAY better for us. So we’re working towards that.

Rob also said that we were ready to start ordering kitchen cupboards, kitchen counters and flooring. So, let the shopping begin!!

We don’t fully need appliances just yet, but we do need to know what size of appliances we’ll be buying. In the last place, I put in smaller appliances because I really didn’t have the space to accommodate much else. This time, we have space. I need to decide if we’re buying 24” or 30” appliances.


I reached out to my contact at The Brick, Sylvie. Basically if 30” was the same price of 24” appliances, I’d buy the larger ones. I assume the smaller appliances were cheaper. Well, I WAS WRONG. Without much of a fight, I’ve given up on even looking at 24” appliances, and went right to 30”.

I’d much prefer a ceramic top stove - they really just look so much better than the coil variety. As a landlord though, I just came out of a place that was tenanted and that had a ceramic top, and it was disgusting. Nothing we could do about cleaning it, it had to be replaced. With coil, it’s a lot more forgiving. So that’s what we’re going for. Bonus: they’re cheaper stoves in general.

For flooring, in my last place I bought vinyl plank flooring. Actually it’s called “Luxury Vinyl Flooring” for some reason. Is it luxurious? Sure? I mean, it’s flooring. It’s very similar to laminate flooring, only it’s made of vinyl. There’s no denting from high heels, and water won’t destroy it at all. It’s easy to install. It’s soft on your feet. It’s a winner. Costco has amazing flooring in this variety, and they ship for free, so that’s going to happen!