TriplexTwo - Post 5 - No more trenches

I tried to get in to the basement a bit more before they really started covering the new waste piping in the trench. But those guys wasted NO TIME!


Pro: great pace! The shorter the demo process, the less it costs us!
Con: not much footage of that process. 


All in all, I'll take that trade off every single time. Sorry, audience!

Most of what happens in renovation mode is set up in the basement. So, planning for the furnace, the venting, the water lines, the gas lines, the drains in the ground, the insulation -- all of that has to be thought out before working on the basement. No point in finishing the basement only to dig up the floor, or take down the ceiling to run new vent lines or wiring, right?

From the outside, it's tough to be a spectator when this happens. It looks like nothing is going on. And that's just not true. There's never been a time when I've gone by that someone was not there working on the house. I really am so very pleased with the crew at the house. Great guys doing great things.


Shifting gears, we got a call from our neighbour (not attached neighbour). Not sure if it was coincidence or not - but it looks like since we started the demolition there has been a lot of cockroaches making their way into the neighbour's place. Not sure if it came from us (I'm SO sorry if so!) -- we haven't seen any evidence of these little buggers in our place. Let's hope it stays that way.