Renting is fine in the short term, but is it financially worth it in the long run?

We LOVE sharing our knowledge and helping people build their wealth. That's why we're hosting a free first-time buyer conversation! We often get questions about the buying process and how it works. Totally understand how intimidating it can be.

In recent news, the Canadian Government launched the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive this month that helps you lessen your monthly financial payments. With a realtor, mortgage specialist, and lawyer in the room, we're here to answer any question you may have about purchasing your first home!

Come join us for a free lunch and a mindblowing conversation on how you can make and save $1000s.

How to make and save $1000s.png

Topics include (but not limited to):

  • How to get started on the home buying process

  • What's a mortgage? + your mortgage options

  • First Time Home Buyer Incentive

  • Your first home as an investment

Even if you're not looking to buy this year, it doesn't hurt to get started on the education process. We'll show you how to increase your down payment money, build your credit and make you a smart buyer by the time you're ready!

See you there! Please feel free to bring your friends. A free lunch will be provided. :) 

Date & Location: September 26th 12 pm - 1pm at Elephant & Castle located at 212 King St W Toronto, ON M5H 1K5 Canada