The Simplified Estate Sale

We understand what it’s like to have to deal with the estate home of someone we’ve lost. We understand the physical and emotional burden and wouldn’t want you to have to go through that. There’s also the part of this sale likely forming the largest part of your inheritance and that money needs to be protected.


The problems you are facing

  • You have to figure out what to do with the estate home. It’s loaded with memories and lots and lots of ‘things’. What are you supposed to do with all of it?

  • To add to that, you have to prepare the home to sell - and for maximum price. This is a large inheritance that was left to you, and you need to make sue the home is ready to sell for top dollar

  • It’s understandably nerve-wracking, confusing and very time consuming.

  • Does the home have knob-and-tube wiring? Does it have a leaky roof? Do the appliances work as they’re supposed to? If the potential buyer of the home has any hesitation (because they don’t know the answers and you’re selling ‘as-is’), then they won’t pay maximum price - and you NEED maximum price.

Why you don’t want to sell ‘as-is’

Most estate home sales absolutely do not sell for top dollar. A big reason for this is that the trustee with the responsibility of selling the home has no idea what’s in the home, what works and what doesn’t - and sells the home with no type of guarantee or warranty. It’s called selling ‘as-is’ and it scares buyers away.

As a buyer, naturally they are risk averse and would see buying an ‘as-is’ home as a bit of a risky purchase. Result? Buyers offer less than they otherwise would if they had any confidence n what they were buying.


Basically what sellers and agents are saying to the buyer is “the house is so bad that I don’t want to take any liability or responsibility for it”. That doesn’t give buyers confidence - and this is a sure-fire strategy for lower offers and less money in the final inheritance.

We’ll take care of it all for you

We developed a plan to remove the pain around cleaning, preparing and selling the estate home AND to maximize the amount of the inheritance. We offer turn-key solutions to make this painless, stress-free and financially rewarding for you.

We’ll handle cleaning, packing (we’ll donate what we can), and we take a HUGE step towards minimizing any hesitation a buyer might have in deciding to buy the home - and MAXIMIZING the value of the sale. How? By “certifying” the house. By removing any ‘as-is’ issues from the home.

We have a home inspector on our team that will provide clarity on what exactly is in the home and we do something that nobody else will: We offer the buyer a 1 year warranty on the home that removes all doubt and risk for the buyer, which increases the selling price as a direct result.