Team Mangos original series: The Specialist

Alright. Here's the deal. We get to do what we LOVE to do. And it's ONLY possible because of our clients and supporters that continue to work with us and refer us to their friends + family. We're a small business. Some of our clients are actually small business owners as well! We wanted to put together a series showcasing these amazing people doing their amazing entrepreneurial things, to support them back. And really to showcase their amazing businesses. 

Watch the series here!

Episode 1: KABOOM Chicken

KABOOM Chicken is sooo the rage these days :) -- It's Korean Fried Chicken, owned by an actual Korean dude (hey, Rich!) and a not-so-Korean buddy named Chris. These 2 days are such amazing people, with such a great story, too. They own KABOOM Chicken in Riverside/Leslieville, in the east end of Toronto.