Team Mangos Head Start Program



Your kids likely won't be able to afford to buy their own home.
They need your help. And they need it now.

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Let’s start with a game

Let’s work through a little exercise, shall we? It’s going to use a bit of your imagination…

Can you picture what your life would have looked like if you had ownership to your own condo/property in Toronto GIVEN to you when you were ready and responsible to handle it? What if your parents were able to provide that for you, what would your life have looked like back then, and then now?

It’s a bit of a rhetorical question. What it would mean is that you had the freedom to take risks, to travel, to have control over your life, to not take that job you didn’t want to, to give you confidence in life decision-making, to hit the ground running in the property ownership and wealth-building world.

buy them their first place, they can’t on their own

You’ve seen first-hand how difficult things can be when you’re trying to be a grown-up. Managing budgets, working on your career, maintaining balance. If you’ve been a renter, you’ve probably also faced evictions, raising rents and a lack of control. All of this does is increases anxiety. And it’s all UNNECESSARY!

the property ladder - it’s a real thing

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