Simplifying Real Estate.

Our main objective is to get you the most amount of money in the shortest time period with the least amount of stress. That is what simplifying real estate means to us and that is what we bring to you.
— Donny Mangos

Deciding when to sell

Chances are - your ownership of a home is probably where most of your equity is stashed. Any prudent and savvy investor would obviously want to maximize the value of their investment, and this is definitely front and centre in importance to us for our real estate clients. Can we time the market? No. In fact, nobody really can (if they tell you they can - they're lying!) Timing the market, is nearly impossible to do. Though we do have an opinion on where things are headed. We're in the business of helping people buy and sell homes, we know what to look for in terms of indicators. 

The good news (more like, great news) for all of us homeowners: real estate purchases have historically returned tremendous value over the long term. Here's a simple fact: this will not change. We are in a thriving city with a broad population and a diverse employment base. Toronto is on the world's radar. It's the largest city in one of the safest and healthiest countries in the world. We absorb around 100,000 people PER YEAR from outside of Toronto. All of these people look to Toronto to settle for these very reasons. Demand has not and will not drop off because there are just too many buyers out there waiting to move in and move up! During the 2008/2009 economic crisis in the US, we continued to see price appreciation.

Here's the bottom line on timing: Today’s price for your home is likely the highest it has ever been. Period.


You are the priority

No solution is typical. Every person, every property is different. We get that. In fact, that's the competitive advantage we go for. We aren't cookie-cutter. We have processes and systems, of course. Though all of that is tailor-made to fit you. Your needs, interests and objectives are our top priority. As Realtors, sure, we're obligated to work with your best interests in mind at all times when under contract with you. In our many years of service, we've found that not all of peers actually remember that very simple rule. We never forget that. We've got your back at every single stage of the home selling process. From the development and implementation of a custom marketing plan, to the calls that pour in from agents and home-shoppers, through the negotiation of purchase offers, to the final settlement of the transaction and beyond.

Want to catch a glimpse into part of our listing strategy?
Watch this video and see how it all unfolds!