Ultimate Guide to Toronto Neighbourhoods for Young Professionals

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Yes we get it. Choosing a neighbourhood is difficult. Especially when there are so many awesome neighbourhoods to choose from in Toronto. So here is the ultimate guide to where YOU as a young professional could live in. There's always the right area that would cater to YOU! 

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Entertainment District


If you enjoy the vibrant stimulating nightlife, this place is for you! Yes, it can be a little noisy at night, but if you’re at the party, would it matter? ;)

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Queen West

Walking along Queen St and Roncesvalles, it’s so easy to find nice boutiques and restaurants that you will love to hang out in. Why not live near it so you can casually walk along these streets?


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Take advantage of all the museums that you get to walk to as well as the Toronto Public Library. With high-end stores in the area, great for posh young professionals who want the luxurious lifestyle!

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The Junction

A cute neighbourhood that has many independent boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. If you’re an artist, you will love it here. Many art supply stores to support your artistic needs! 

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Liberty Village

An awesome neighbourhood that is close to downtown. It’s one street car away! With grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, LCBO, gyms, and even a yoga studio within walking distance, you can also choose not to leave!

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Fashion District

The name of the hood says it all: you can meet the fun people working in the creative industry. Walk around Graffiti Alley and take in all that art! 

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Harbour Front

You get to live downtown with a beautiful view of the lake. Take a stroll by the water in the summer and enjoy the mini escape from reality. You’re also close to the subway and via rail, which is a huge plus!

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A peaceful neighbourhood east of downtown with quaint shops and cozy cafes at your doorsteps. If you’re a hipster, you know that this is the place to be!  

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Financial District

Feel that energy and wealth from other aspiring professionals in the corporate world! If you are a young professional in a suit and tie, you will fit right into this wonderfully chaotic environment! 

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St Lawrence 

Imagine instant access to the St Lawrence market. Get the fresh fish and veggies! Also imagine living in the area. And to state the obvious — Location!

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Davisville Village

You can choose both proximity to amazing facilities as well as living in a quiet neighbourhood! Davisville is the place to be if you want these two options. And did I mention the beautiful greenery where you can have a nice afternoon walk? 

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Featuring the largest continuous area of beautiful preserved semi-detached Victorian houses in all of North America. No big deal! With a farm on the east side, experience the farmer’s market while living fairly close to downtown! 

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Distillery District

If you are looking for a place with history, this is where you want to be. Take advantage of seasonal events that happen in this area like the Christmas Market and the Light Festival!